Breakfast Club at the Tastee Diner

Breakfast Club at the Tastee Diner

We know it’s short timing, but we’ve just learned that Maryland State Highway Administration Regional Planning Director, John Thomas, will be at the District 18 Breakfast Club tomorrow morning, April 8th, at 7:30am.  He and a colleague will be at the Silver Spring Tastee Diner to engage in discussion on transportation issues and challenges.  They’ll also be taking questions.

As we’ve said here and here, we’ve got some real concerns about the State’s plan for the Montrose East Parkway.  Initially equated to the Vogons from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” a poorly conceived Montrose East Parkway could, among other things, close the railroad crossing at Randolph Road.  This would cut neighborhoods east of the railroad tracks (including a chunk of White Flint II) from having a northern access point to White Flint.  It will also funnel all local traffic to the Nicholson Lane crossing – and that’s a lot of cars.

So, if you’d care to be heard on this or any other State transportation project, you have your chance tomorrow morning at the Silver Spring Tastee Diner.

Lindsay Hoffman


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