Prescription for Parks

Prescription for Parks

We’ve said before that walkable neighborhoods are healthier neighborhoods for people of all ages. Urban parks also contribute greatly to the health of a neighborhood. Even small pocket parks provide a destination point for people to socialize and experience nature. And, as Dr. Daphne Miller, a professor of family and community medicine from the University of California, San Francisco says, “Parks are a part of our healthcare system.” Dr. Miller goes on to explain that, “these green spaces are crucial to solving hypertension, anxiety, depression, diabetes — ‘the diseases of indoor living.’”

We should be seeing some additions and changes to the parks currently in our area. But you don’t have to wait for any redevelopment to enjoy what’s already here – there are over 400 parks in Montgomery County, and you’re never more than 2 miles away from one.

Read more about the health benefits that parks provide at The Dirt TM blog.


Amy Donin


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