Next Week is Busy with County-Level White Flint Meetings

Next Week is Busy with County-Level White Flint Meetings

Next week features the second Monday and Tuesday of May so it must be White Flint time in MoCo!  On Monday evening, the White Flint Implementation Committee will be meeting at Wall Park/Shriver Aquatic Center at 7pm.  The Implementation Committee is a body appointed by the Planning Board to guide the planning of infrastructure, amenities and plan recommendations within the sector.

The next morning, on Tuesday May 14th at 8am, the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee will have its second meeting.  Appointed by the Executive Branch, this group is addressing the day-to-day operations in White Flint, including an assessment of whether a White Flint Urban District is a feasible undertaking.

Finally, on Thursday May 16th, the Planning Board will be holding a public hearing on the plan for Bus Rapid Transit.  This will directly affect White Flint and testimony is being accepted both in person during the hearing and via email.  Stay tuned for a post later today on this.

All of these meetings are open to the public but, if you can’t make it, count on your Friends to offer recaps next week.


Lindsay Hoffman


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