Get Engaged to Improve Traffic

Get Engaged to Improve Traffic

Our region is notorious for its traffic.  And, White Flint will only reach its potential with the right supporting infrastructure.   We know there must be a solution and, for that, we agree with the White Flint Sector Plan.  Transit is key!

This Thursday, May 16th, the Montgomery County Planning Board is holding a public hearing on the proposal for Bus Rapid Transit.  This system will run in dedicated lanes on Rockville Pike, through White Flint, with stations approximately every quarter-mile.

Rapid Transit is less expensive and easier to implement than heavy rail and it is far more flexible.  It can move significantly more people per lane than cars, greatly increasing the efficiency of our already-burdened roads.   Offering high-quality, reliable transit service that will come every 5-10 minutes will entice more of us out of our cars for a variety of trips.  And, as we’ve noted, it doesn’t take many drivers choosing other modes of transportation for us to feel a big difference on the road.  The Friends of White Flint blog is a great resource for learning more about Bus Rapid Transit and why it’s a smart solution for the traffic problem in White Flint.  We aren’t anti-car — we are pro-options!

Doing nothing, though, is not an acceptable options.  Now is the time to act – but we must act in a smart way.  It’s time for the County to hear your thoughts on this important subject. This month, the Planning Board is deciding whether and where to place Bus Rapid Transit in MoCo and we believe White Flint is ripe for this service.  Tell them you agree by either testifying in person or by emailing them your thoughts at

We look forward to your input as White Flint continues moving forward!  Stay engaged by attending our next Board of Directors meeting. Open to all, we will gather on Thursday, May 23rd at 7pm at the Rockville offices of Federal Realty.  Let us know you can come by emailing

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