Proposed Agenda & Resolution for Next FoWF Meeting

Proposed Agenda & Resolution for Next FoWF Meeting

Friends of White Flint conducts much of its business during Board of Directors Meetings, which are open to all.  Our next meeting is this Thursday, May 23rd, at 7pm at the Rockville offices of Federal Realty Investment Trust (1626 E Jefferson Street).

You’ll find our proposed agenda below, along with a link to a Resolution proposed by Co-Chair for Business, Barnaby Zall.  The resolution proposes to increase the size of our board from nine to fifteen, remaining balanced among our categories of membership.  This change reflects our growing organization and will allow for greater engagement.


Board of Directors Meeting

May 23, 2013, 7pm

Federal Realty Investment Trust Offices, Rockville MD



  1. Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions
  2. Confirmation of Quorum
  3. Approval of Minutes from February 21, 2013, Annual & Board Meetings
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Transfer of Administration of FoWF to CityBlock Solutions
  6. Friends of White Flint Update from Lindsay
    1. Website/Social Media Traffic
    2. Membership
    3. Events
  7. Updates on White Flint Projects  from PO/Ds
  8. Issues for Discussion:
    1. Washington Gas Tower
    2. Roads and Department of Transportation issues
    3. Other Items as Suggested
  9. Resolution to Amend the Bylaws and Expand Board Size to a Maximum of 15
    1. Discussion
    2. Vote
  10. Vision Discussion:  What Impact do you see FoWF having over the next year?
  11. Other Matters
  12. Adjournment


Lindsay Hoffman


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