Protect bicycle and bus lanes, protect local businesses

Protect bicycle and bus lanes, protect local businesses

We’ve written about how installing bicycle lanes can bring more customers to businesses and why dedicated lanes for Bus Rapid Transit make sense. For even more statistics on why streets should be more inclusive of pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders, check out the study Measuring the Street: New Metrics for 21st Century Streets from the NYC Department of Transportation. The prominent theme: more inclusive streets are safer for everyone, have improved traffic flow (without compromising safety) AND contribute more to the local economy.

NYCDOT dedicated lanes

Source: New York City Department of Transportation

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I’m from NY. The reason they are able to do this on second ave is because it is a city with a grid, unlike sprawling Montgomery County. There are parallel streets for the other transportation modes. Montgomery wants to do this on ALL the major corridors except the wealthiest. Recipe for additional gridock

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