What Change Looks Like

What Change Looks Like

I recently stumbled across a TEDx talk from last year on civic engagement entitled, “What Change Looks Like.”   Jake Barton, principal and founder of the organization Local Projects, discussed the resilience and strength he finds in cities and wonders why it takes “a crisis for us to collaborate together on common goals.”  He looks at the ubiquitous Community Meeting and asks how we can make them more productive — how we can be people talking with each other, rather than at each other.

Set against the backdrop of the civic engagement tool his organization has launched for New York City, the video is seven minutes well-spent.  It offered me a reminder of why we, your neighbors, created and sustain Friends of White Flint.   We know that, by working together with all stakeholders, White Flint will reach its exciting potential.

Find the video here: http://youtu.be/hnwLwRDgTpY

Lindsay Hoffman


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