Complete streets should include room for strollers

Complete streets should include room for strollers

We’ve written multiple times about how aspects of New Urbanism, such as walkable neighborhoods close to transit and smaller housing units without a huge lawn to maintain, appeals to many Millennials and Baby Boomers alike. It may be easier to understand how this lifestyle appeals to young adults without children and empty-nesters. But what about families with children? We’ve noted that more young families are seeking an urban lifestyle, and one of the questions I still hear a lot is “how are parents supposed to walk to the grocery store with their children?”

A fair point. Right now it’s difficult for anyone, with or without kids, to walk or bike along Rockville Pike safely – never mind while also carrying a bag of groceries. But complete streets can change that. By providing wider sidewalks with ample room for bicyclists and pedestrians, and appropriate buffers to safely allow these people to use the streets with cars, parents with small children and strollers can more easily use these streets.

One mother from Miami chronicled the dangers of walking along the street with her child in a stroller. While she’s not in White Flint, I’d imagine that a parent walking down Rockville Pike, or any of White Flint’s streets with fast cars and narrow sidewalks, may have the same worries.

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