Walkability Can Help Fight Childhood Obesity

Walkability Can Help Fight Childhood Obesity

We’ve talked about the benefits of making White Flint more walkable, and less car-oriented, for several different populations:  for young adults, for seniors, and for young families.  Why not close the loop and show that this international trend does, in fact, benefit everyone?

The Atlantic Cities recently published a report highlighting how suburban sprawl is a factor contributing to childhood obesity.  “While the reasons for the dramatic increase in childhood obesity surely are many and complex, one of them is reduced physical activity,” they say.  Using nearby Loudoun County as an example, the piece highlights the reality of kids not being able to safely walk to school.

“The truth is that Loudoun’s schools are theoretically within walking distance for some students, but there’s a lot more to walkability than proximity.”    That’s a statement that transcends many aspects of White Flint planning.

Read the whole Atlantic Cities piece here.

Lindsay Hoffman


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