Make sure FoWF mail reaches you!

Make sure FoWF mail reaches you!

If you use Gmail, you may have noticed that your inbox looks a little different. We like to send our members emails every now and then on important information regarding White Flint’s future and invitations to special events. Mail from Friends of White Flint will automatically be sent to your “Promotions” tab when using the new Gmail inbox. If you would like to change this, simply drag the email to your “Primary” tab, and save this change so all future email from Friends will be sent right to your primary inbox. Alternatively, some browsers also allow you to right-click on the email and select “Move to Tab” then “Primary.”

Of course, if you want to keep mail from Friends of White Flint in your “Promotions” tab, that’s fine – we just want you to be aware of the change!

Amy Donin


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