Five ways commuting is ruining your life

Five ways commuting is ruining your life

What are the five ways commuting is ruining your life, according to the Wall Street Journal?

They don’t count the most obvious one, money, though they do talk about it briefly in the beginning of the segment. They focus on the rising cost of fueling your car, but mention that when fuel prices go up the cost of public transportation can also go up. Carpooling can save $1,800 a year on your commute.

1. Neck and back pain – caused by being stationary for so long. The time you spend in traffic could be spent doing other activities, like exercising to counter some of this pain. On a related note, long commutes mean…

2. Time away from your marriage/family life – the time you spend alone in your car is time you aren’t spending with your loved ones. Long commuters are more likely to suffer marital problems or even get divorced.

3. Weight gain – along with being stationary in your car for long stretches of time, you are also more likely to frequent fast food restaurants when you have a long commute, and less likely to go grocery shopping.

4. Pollution – Personal transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions – WSJ says it’s #2 after coal-fired power plants for greenhouse gas emissions, or 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Depression – Unsurprisingly, when asked to create their “perfect day,” commuting was at the very bottom of people’s list.

This list provides a stark contrast to the benefits of active travel. And, as we’ve written before, if something doesn’t change we will continue to experience traffic problems and even longer commutes as our community continues to grow.

Amy Donin


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