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Councilmember Berliner on Rapid Transit

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Roger Berliner is the County Councilmember for District 1, which includes all of White Flint.  He has spoken out before in support of Rapid Transit, and his latest piece includes a great amount of detailed information on the plan.  As often happens with innovative and wide-reaching plan, rumors are rampant. So, Berliner’s piece in the Potomac Almanac bullets out a variety of points worth considering.

For example, Berliner highlights that the key to alleviating our historic and growing traffic problem is to change our thinking.  No longer can a successful road be one that moves the most cars the fastest – it must be a road the moves the most people the fastest.  That’s who these roads and communities are built for anyway – people!  In his full piece, Councilmember Berliner also addresses the concept of lane repurposing, which we believe to be key to the success of rapid transit.  Without dedicated lanes, these transit vehicles are sitting in traffic with the rest of us and not providing the reliable option needed to make an impact.

Read the whole thing here and let us know what you think.  Having trouble envisioning what Rapid Transit will look like?  The Coalition for Smarter Growth has produced a 4-minute video that will help – find it here:

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