Want to Understand White Flint? Look at New York

Want to Understand White Flint? Look at New York

Here at Friends of White Flint, we talk about a lot of concepts in what seems like a bubble:  Complete Streets!  Bus and Bike Lanes!  Urbanizing our Space!  Pedestrian Friendly!  But it might be hard to envision what those things would look like here and how they would benefit residents and businesses.

Our world is shifting – today is the first time in history that more people live in cities than don’t.  New York City is meeting that demand head-on and they’re implementing the concepts we’re talking about for White Flint.  Over the last few years, NYC has repurposed 26 acres of active car lanes into things like pedestrian plazas.  They have installed 30 miles of protected bikes lanes – and they have seen biking rates soar without increase in injury – and 40,000 people are using bikeshare each day.

But, don’t take my word for it.  Spend a few minutes today listening to Janette Sadik-Khan, transportation commissioner for New York City.  See how these transformations have impacted the most congested city in the world – there are many lessons here for White Flint.

The description of her TED talk:  “In this funny and thought-provoking talk, Janette Sadik-Khan, transportation commissioner of New York City, shares projects that have reshaped street life in the 5 boroughs, including pedestrian zones in Times Square, high-performance buses and a 6,000-cycle-strong bike share. Her mantra: Do bold experiments that are cheap to try out.

As commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation, Janette Sadik-Khan is responsible for the smooth running of a New York that hides in plain sight… the streets, highways, bridges, signs and lights that make up the bustling metropolis.”<\span>



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