MCDOT wants Saul Centers to scale their project back

MCDOT wants Saul Centers to scale their project back

Yesterday, reported that the Maryland State Highway Administration and the County Department of Transportation have expressed concern about Saul Center’s proposed project on Rockville Pike.  The redevelopment of the Metro-Pike Plaza would offer three mixed-use buildings on the west side of Rockville Pike, between Nicholson Lane and Marinelli Drive.  Woodglen Drive is slated to extend north, between the Saul Property and The Grand apartment building to connect with Marinelli.

The concern stems from three streets that would run east-west from the extended Woodglen Drive to Rockville Pike – transportation officials are balking at building out these additional intersections when only one was designated in the White Flint Sector Plan.  Both county and state agencies are involved because Rockville Pike, or MD355, is a state road while the others are governed by the county.  Read the full piece on here and see our history and information on the proposed project here.



So, we want to know what you think.  The added access between Woodglen and Executive could come at a hefty price tag – millions of dollars per intersection.  Is it worth it?  Let us know.


Lindsay Hoffman


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My initial thought is what is the big deal? There is only one median opening shown in the rendering, and that will limit the cross traffic conflict, and the only problem would be potential conflicts with right turning vehicles.

If this is such a problem, why not only built the road associated with the median opening connecting Woodglen and 355 as a county standard road, and build the other roads as private roads that function more like pedestrian plazas and provide building access but not through vehicle movement.

Part of making this urban environment work is breaking up the blocks, and granted redeveloping this site at all does that, but if they can be made smaller, lets go for it! At the very least, I hope the spaces between the buildings can be built as pedestrian plazas with hardscaping, landscaping and to serve the same visual and practical function of having the streets for the pedestrian and bicycle realm.

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