Where Should the White Flint Post Office Go?

Where Should the White Flint Post Office Go?

As we’ve reported before, the US Postal Service is planning to leave White Flint Mall before it redevelops and they’re looking for a new site for our local post office.  Options are limited, though, because many of the prime possibilities are also slated for redevelopment and, therefore, not ideal for the 5-year lease the USPS seeks.  Prioritizing parking and access, the USPS is looking at the following locations:

  • 5420 Edson Lane
  • 5000-5060 Nicholson Lane – Nicholson Plaza
  • 11760 Parklawn Drive – Parklawn Commerce Center
  • 11601-11631 Nebel Street – Flint Hill Building


Here’s what the USPS says about the locations have have already been rejected:

  • White Flint Mall: The Mall redevelopment will not be completed for 2-3 years.  It is not an operationally feasible or economically viable alternative to operate a Postal facility in a construction redevelopment site.
  • 11520-11560 Rockville Pike – Metro-Pike Center: Building to be redeveloped.  Landlord will only lease space for 2 years or until redevelopment begins.


I’m most excited about the Nicholson Lane location – I think it offers the best parking and access of the options identified.  But, let us know what you think!  The USPS will be open to comments for the next 30 days.  Either leave your comment here to be included in our letter or email them yourself at richard_a_hancock@usps.gov.  Read their full letter on the subject by clicking here.

Lindsay Hoffman



Salvatore Sechi

The Parklawn and Nebel Street locations are much closer to other post offices. We need a post office that is very close to whiteflint. Both Nicholson Ln or Edson Ln could be good when considering the distance from other post offices.
However, Nicholson Ln. has often high traffic and would be more difficult to reach so I would prefer Edson Ln.

S. Kessler

I would like to see the post office moved to a location that could be reached by pedestrians as well as cars. Edson Lane would be my choice as it is close to other commercial outlets such as Whole Foods, CVS, Starbucks, etc.

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