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Details are in the Crosswalks

Posted on by Rebecca Hertz

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Like we have mentioned before, the little things or the details in urban design should not be overlooked. These details are was to, first, attract residents and tourists and, second, persuade those visitors to visit the other amenities the area offers. For Baltimore, that is exactly what focusing on crosswalks has done. Recently, Baltimore’s Office of Promotion and the Arts implemented the crosswalk “hacks” to draw in visitors to check out the crosswalks and ultimately explore the new arts district that has developed recently. In addition, the crosswalks are also designed by a local artist.  There are several designs. One looks like a hopscotch court; another resembles a zipper!

For White Flint, incorporating local artists’ work into public spaces is an important strategy to add value to the development. Should we focus more attention on art in our public spaces? Please share your ideas.

Check out The Atlantic Cities’ article and pictures of the crosswalks here.  (Photo from the artist, Graham Coreil-Allen’s, Flickr page)

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