White Flint Mall Redevelopment Takes a Step Forward

White Flint Mall Redevelopment Takes a Step Forward

As we reported back in July, Lord & Taylor has sued White Flint Mall in an attempt to halt its redevelopment.  The current plan calls for Lord & Taylor to stay put during the redevelopment process.  But, the lawsuit claims that the ensuing construction zone will obliterate their business and any groundbreaking should be delayed until the store’s lease expires in 2055.  This was met by a billion dollar countersuit from the Mall’s owners.

After pending for nearly six months, there was some movement in the matter at the end of the year.  On December 20th, the federal district court denied Lord & Taylor’s request for an injunction that would prevent the Mall owners from proceeding with their plans.  The rest of the lawsuit remains pending, including the demands for damages.  The following week, on December 24th, Lord & Taylor filed an appeal of the ruling.  That appeal is pending.

Read more in the Washington Business Journal.

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