Friends of White Flint Shares in Award

Friends of White Flint Shares in Award

The collaborative way the White Flint Sector Plan was developed and is being implemented is not common practice.  We’re proud of the level of stakeholder involvement and the impact it has had in creating a future for the place where we live, work and play.  Friends of White Flint was at the forefront in ensuring that the community had a place at the table, and we continue to do so.

Recently, the National Association of Counties recognized the White Flint Implementation and Collaboration program with a 2013 Achievement Award.  This award recognizes innovative county government programs and those that offer “best practices.”  Friends of White Flint is proud to have been recognized as part of this award!



Along with the County Executive’s office, Friends of White Flint shares this award with the White Flint Partnership, White Flint Implementation Committee and the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee.  We promise to continue representing our broad base of stakeholders via  advocacy and engagement to ensure that the White Flint Sector Plan is implemented to remain true to the vision developed by our community!

Lindsay Hoffman


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