La Madeleine Closed, but not for long

La Madeleine Closed, but not for long

La Madeleine in Mid-Pike Plaza is now closed.  But, don’t fret, this community staple will return soon as part of Pike & Rose’s first phase.  Starting this fall, you’ll find La Madeleine in Block 12 (PerSei) of Pike & Rose.  Chipotle is also moving to Block 13, around the corner from Starbucks and Bank of America. You’ll recall that this structure will remain standing for foreseeable future with a new facade to align with the new buildings.

These were the last remaining businesses at Mid-Pike Plaza, so expect that strip mall to come down by this summer as Federal Realty prepares for Phase 2 of the project.   More on this to come soon!

 Site plan showing the new streets and blocks at Pike + Rose.


Lindsay Hoffman



Sarena Welch

I live in the GRAND. Does receive these notices? If so please prompt them to share this information with the residents of the GRAND. There are approximately 500 apartments here. 20-30% to my knowledge are not trancient.

I would like to know the outcome. Please reply.

    Lindsay Hoffman

    Hi there! The Grand is not presently a member of Friends of White Flint so I’m not sure whether they’re following our news. Encourage them to get in touch with us and get plugged in!

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