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County Council looks at White Flint projects

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As the Montgomery County Council makes its way through the proposed Capital Improvement Programs budget, two White Flint-related projects have recently been discussed.

First, as reported in The Gazette, the White Flint fire station project is a “go.”  The 5-bay station slated for Randolph Road, near the new Chapman Avenue Extended, will include about 200 units of affordable housing for seniors. As approved, land acquisition will begin in 2015 with planning and design the following year.  The full project is expected to cost about $27.8M and the station will replace the existing facility on Rollins Avenue.  Read more here.

Second, the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy & Environment (T&E) Committee met on Monday to discuss White Flint road projects.  Committee Chair Roger Berliner, along with Councilmembers Nancy Floreen and Hans Riemer, concurred with the County Executive’s funding request for the Western Workaround(!), White Flint East and White Flint West – all of which work to enhance our street grid and make for a more pleasant traveling experience regardless of your transportation mode.

The exciting surprise was that the committee also recommended that money be found to complete Hoya Street.  Situated to the west of Mid-Pike Plaza/Pike & Rose and expected to run from Montrose Road to Old Georgetown Road, a shard of the street has been sitting unfinished for years.  Councilmember Berliner shared this news with excitement at our event on Monday evening.  This is an important spoke in the wheel of White Flint and we hope the full Council will get behind the completion of this project.

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