New Website Feature: Development Map

New Website Feature: Development Map

When we’re out in the community and speaking with members, there are some questions we’re asked more than others.  At the top of the list is “where’s the one spot we can visit to get a visual on what’s happening in White Flint?”  Until now, there hasn’t been one.

But, we’re very excited to have made some progress in this area.  Today, we’re introducing the White Flint Development Map.  You can find it from our homepage or by clicking here.  As you’ll see, just about everything in the pipeline for the White Flint sector is featured — private development projects are in blue while public/infrastructure projects are in green.

It’s a work in progress and we’ll continue upgrading and improving it as our budget allows.  If you find any glitches or have any ideas, feel free to email them to!

Lindsay Hoffman


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