Interested in the Mixed-Use Revolution?

Interested in the Mixed-Use Revolution?

Next week, BisNow is hosting the Mixed-Use Revolution, examining the trend to transform surface parking lots and office parks into vibrant communities.  It’s taking hold, of course, in White Flint and around the world.  The event is next Wednesday morning, April 23rd, at the Mayflower Renaissance downtown.  More details and registration information is available by clicking here.

Of particular interest, one of the featured speakers will be David Kitchens of design firm Cooper Carry.  They are redesigning the White Flint Mall property and here’s what BisNow has to say:

David…says new mixed-use projects have to be respectful of their communities. “You can have any architectural style as long as you respect context of scale in any given community.”… CooperCarry has been working on the White Flint Mall transformation in Rockville, and David says adding connectivity to the site is paramount, since for years it’s been perceived as an onerous, isolated, car-dominated venue. There’s also a 12-foot-high wall separating the mall from the neighborhood, which David says will be taken down to help original home owners and brand-new residents of White Flint (as well as shoppers checking out the new retail) connect with each other in a way that wasn’t possible before. (As Reagan said: “Mr. Gymboree, tear down this wall!”)

It’s the most we’ve heard on the project in a while, so we wanted to share!

Lindsay Hoffman


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