The Naming of this Place

The Naming of this Place

As we noted in our post last week, the naming and branding of the White Flint Sector has been long overdue (click here for that post).  Although the issue is usually framed as “renaming” the redevelopment district, I would offer a different perspective.  I don’t think we’re “re-naming” anything — I think we’re just finally naming it for the first time.

To “rename” something suggests that it already has a name and an identity.  But, if you ask any four people what they call this area, I’ll be you’ll get four different answers.  Those of us who pay attention to White Flint redevelopment everyday tend to use the term “White Flint,” so it’s sometimes a challenge for us to step back and realize that’s not always the norm.  We need consistency if we’re building a destination.  As has been oft repeated, we need a “there” there.

So, the Washington Post has started asking the same question and has run an article on the subject.  Questions still remain – most notably, what are the borders of this to-be-named area?  Will we use the borders of the White Flint Sector Plan or stretch beyond?  Single-family neighborhoods adjacent to the redevelopment area are wondering how much of a dog they have in this fight – and that might shift the conversation considerably.

Interested in discussing the subject further?  Come to our meeting on Thursday evening!  Click here for the Washington Post article and click here for more information on this week’s meeting.

Lindsay Hoffman




Let’s call the area what it is


It is not Bethesda or White Flint and was Rockville for many years


    We’ve all seen what happened to Marriott”s attempt to rename the area Bethesda North…
    What’s wrong with White Flint?


      That’s what most current residents of the area ask, too. The ones who don’t seem to live in Rockville proper, or Bethesda. But the ones who live in White Flint or that sliver of Kensington bordering on the mall seem to think of it as White Flint. Everyone but the developers…

Michael Springer

What is wrong with the name “White Flint?” Metro long ago nailed it to the wall when they named the metro station. “North Bethesda” seems to me as silly as “South Rockville” especially since this place may be bigger and busier than either 15 or 20 years from now.

Linda Aley

Many residents in the Grosvenor area use North Bethesda as their address. There is a sign about a mile north of White Flint Mall, showing Welcome to Rockville. However, I agree with others that North Bethesda isn’t appropriate.

The name North Bethesda Market is mis-leading. I would not want my residential address to have “Market” in the location. Of course, many of the apartments are over “the store”, as in those living over Whole Foods!

This area is being promoted as a walk-able community. If the word walk could be included in the new name, that would be descriptive. Locally, Walkers Choice is already taken.

Flint Walk wouldn’t work; sounds like Flint Rock! A name that is easy to say and understand, and spell (ex. Grosvenor is difficult for outsiders) must be considered..

Flint or Rockville Boulevard would incorporate either area ,and of course the word Boulevard means a walk-able street.

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