Learning the Lingo & Etiquette of Bicycling

Learning the Lingo & Etiquette of Bicycling

In our endeavor to create a place where residents and visitors alike feel safe getting out of their cars, we’ve been looking at what barriers still need to be overcome.  For many of us, there’s just a plain ol’ apprehension about using a bicycle to navigate our surroundings.  One Friend has suggested that we put together a symposium with biking experts who can give us some real-world training on the rules and etiquette of the bike lane.  We love that idea and hope to share details on moving it forward soon.

In the meantime, NPR has created a primer to help us get acclimated to some of these new concepts.  Ever heard the terms “salmon,” “doored,” or “shoal?”  Click here to read the definitions of those and other useful biking terms!

Lindsay Hoffman


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