Getting Out of Your Car Will Lengthen Your Life

Getting Out of Your Car Will Lengthen Your Life

There are many reasons we believe that the redevelopment of White Flint is an important step toward a healthier and more sustainable future.  Just one of those is the promise of being able to shorten our commutes.  Whether White Flint residents will live within walking distance to their work or to transit, studies continue to confirm that sitting in our cars during long commutes shortens our lives.  Most recently, Australian researchers determined that, compared to non-drivers:

people who spent two hours (or more) on the road every day were:

  • 78 percent more likely to be obese
  • 86 percent more likely to sleep poorly (less than seven hours)
  • 33 percent more likely to report feeling psychologically distressed
  • 43 percent more likely to say their quality of life was poor

The full article can be found in Shape magazine by clicking here.

Lindsay Hoffman


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