Techniques to Make Places More Walkable

Techniques to Make Places More Walkable

Jeff Speck is a global authority on the concept of “new urbanism,” and he happens to be local.  His book, Walkable City, is considered a near-treatise on why we’d want to transform car-oriented areas into places that are safe to navigate regardless of your mode of transportation.  But, who of us often has time to read such a book?

Luckily, The Atlantic’s CityLab has broken down Speck’s 10 major techniques for making places more walkable.  I’ll list them below but click here to read the full article, complete with justifications and explanations for each:

“1. Put Cars in their Place

2. Mix the Uses

3. Get the Parking Right

4. Let Transit Work

5. Protect the Pedestrian

6. Welcome Bikes

7. Shape the Spaces

8. Plant Trees

9. Make Friendly and Unique [Building] Faces

10. Pick Your Winners”

Click here for the whole piece and to understand what each of these mean.  Keep an eye out for them in the new White Flint!


Lindsay Hoffman


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Gail Becker

To make White Flint (and any other place more walkable), make all walkways smoke-free. People will be able to breathe without inhaling tobacco smoke pollution and there will be a reduction in tobacco litter. Post no smoking signs.

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