Dave & Buster’s Ordered out of White Flint Mall

Dave & Buster’s Ordered out of White Flint Mall

We learned yesterday that Dave & Buster’s has lost its battle to stay open in its existing White Flint Mall location. ┬áTheir lawsuit against the mall was dismissed and they were ordered to vacate the premises within 30 days – no word yet on when they’ll close.

Read more – including the court order – at Bethesda Beat by clicking here. ┬áThe lawsuit filed by Lord & Taylor is still pending but the injunction portion of that action has been lifted so, at the moment, there are no legal barriers of that nature halting the mall from moving forward with redevelopment.

Lindsay Hoffman




I should have noted in the post that I, for one, am hoping that Dave & Buster’s will find a new permanent home nearby! Any property owners or developers listening? Hint… hint…


    I think it would be awesome for Dave and Busters to relocate to the old Syms location by the twinbrook metro. It would not only be metro accessible, but it would be able to better resemble the Dave and Busters locations in Philly and South Florida.

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