Washington Gas’ Communications Tower

Washington Gas’ Communications Tower

It’s been over a year since we first reported that Washington Gas was planning a communications tower for its Nebel Street property and, this week, we learned that they have cleared the last measurable hurdle on the project.

Washington Gas plans a 145′ communications tower, built of galvanized steel, for the center of its property on Nebel Street. ┬áThe tower will strengthen communications within the company’s fleet, particularly in times of emergency when a dedicated network is crucial. ┬áThe County has approved the project – a final layer in a series of approvals – and now Washington Gas will pull building permits and start construction within the next 30 days.

Learn more about the history of this project by reading our posts from April 2013 (click here), January 2014 (click here), and March 2014 (click here).

Lindsay Hoffman



Todd Lewers

Washington Gas should provide a design for its telecommunications tower that mirrors the look of a tree. This type of camouflaged is found with other towers all throughout the country, particularly in urbanized areas, Otherwise, this tower will stick out like a ‘sore thumb’.and be a blight in our community.

    Lindsay Hoffman

    Hi, Todd! I asked the tower’s engineer this very question. According to him (and I have to agree based on examples I’ve seen myself), the camouflaged towers don’t look realistic. On a property like this one, where the tower will be sitting in the center of a parking lot and not right in the midst of other trees, it’s thought that the attempted camouflage would really pull the eye more than a plain, metal tower. According to him, the tower will best blend into the landscape in its most basic, galvanized steel form. I’ve spent a bit of time on Nebel, Marinelli and Old Georgetown Roads looking at the site and the horizon above it, and I’m actually inclined to agree. My hope is that we will quickly become accustomed to the tower and it will fade into the landscape.

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