Goodbye Surface Parking Lots

Goodbye Surface Parking Lots

Folks who have heard me speak about the future of White Flint have heard me address the matter of surface parking lots.  At the start of sector planning, of the 430 acres identified around the White Flint metro station, 161 of them were surface parking lots.  Thirty-seven percent of our land was sitting empty most of the time as surface parking lots!  That’s a lot of space that could be used more efficiently and the ideas of infill and density were born for the area.

At the end of the build out, 20-30 acres will be for surface parking.  The rest of our cars will find spaces in parking garages, either under or attached to our destinations.  But, we’ll also be able to park once and walk to where we wish to go instead of having to drive from one end of the block to the other because a huge parking lot is in our way.

Earlier this summer, CityLab delved deeper into one perspective on surface parking lots.  Read their piece by clicking here.

We’ll be advocating for well-built, safe, and comfortable garages – will you be with us?  Our next business meeting is coming up on September 3rd.  Click here for more information on it.


Lindsay Hoffman


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