It’s Time for a Name

It’s Time for a Name

For years, we’ve known that this place needs a name.  And, we’ve believed that the community should have input into what that name would be.  Our opportunity has arrived.

You’re invited to a Conversation on the Branding of the Pike on Thursday, September 11th from 6pm to 9pm at the offices of StreetSense in Bethesda.  This will be a fully interactive program that will really tap into participants’ thoughts and perceptions of a variety of naming/branding options for the White Flint Sector.

**PLEASE NOTE — this conversation will NOT be about changing the name of anyone’s postal address or neighborhood.  This is about having a productive, congenial discussion to find authentic options for the name of this new urban center – think of its purpose as being for business and marketing.

The presentation and forum will be facilitated by Holly Sears Sullivan, of Montgomery Business Development Corporation, and StreetSense.  All of the details – including how to RSVP – can be found in the invitation below (make it larger by clicking on it).

We’ll be talking more about what to expect at the forum during our next Friends of White Flint meeting!  It will be on Wednesday, September 3rd at 6:30pm.  Click here for more details!


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