Calling All Interested in the Naming of the White Flint District!

Calling All Interested in the Naming of the White Flint District!

Don’t forget that, if you’d like to participates in next week’s forum/charette on the naming and branding of the White Flint district, you must RSVP to Holly Sears Sullivan by emailing her at  In case you missed them, more details about the event can be found by clicking here.

Also – StreetSense, the firm that’s leading the research end of this effort, has launched a preliminary survey to get the conversation started.  All invitees are welcome to complete the survey and it’s only four questions, so do it now and get the ball rolling (if it doesn’t appear correctly on your screen, click here to open it in a new window):


Lindsay Hoffman



Dean Evangelista

Some name suggestions:
Flint Rock
Flint City

Stuart Gorewitz

If a naming/branding change is destine to occur why not stay with WHITE FLINT. In my opinion, WHITE FLINT is the logical label. The metro stop that serves the area is known to everyone as the as the White Flint station and after all you/we are known as the “Friends” of White Flint.

    Lindsay Hoffman

    Hi Stuart! For background, the metro station was named after the mall. Because that metro station was the epicenter of the transit-oriented planning area, it’s name was used for the White Flint Sector Plan. Our group, which also started during planning, mirrored the sector plan’s name. It’s likely that FoWF’s name will change to align with the area – and that’s not a surprise to many of us because we’ve known the name issue has never been settled. So, we’re excited for tonight’s exercise to move us in the right direction – whichever one that is.

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