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White Flint Bikeways Update

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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As we mentioned last month, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation offered a great presentation to the White Flint Implementation Advisory Committee on the status of Bikeway infrastructure in White Flint.  We’ve expressed concern in the past about the dirth of this amenity in White Flint but it looks like MCDOT is heeding the call!

We’re very grateful that MCDOT has shared its robust PowerPoint presentation with us so we can, in turn, pass it along to you.   Take a minute to click and scroll through so you can visualize the difference between a bike lane and a cycle track:

bike facilitiesFrom

and much, much more – including the proposed plans for Woodglen Drive, Nebel Street and Marinelli Road.  Just click here to see the full presentation.  Thanks to MCDOT for sharing!

One Response to White Flint Bikeways Update

Patricia says: September 11, 2014 at 2:55 pm

MCDOT seems to be cramming way too many lanes into Woodglen Dr. If the parking was vacated (3 buildings along Woodglen offer 2 hour feee parking), the beauty and openness of this street could be preserved.