MoCo Not on TIGER Grant List – But, What Is?

MoCo Not on TIGER Grant List – But, What Is?

Over the course of this year, we’ve told you that Montgomery County has applied for a federal TIGER grant to support Bus Rapid Transit on MD-355 (Rockville Pike).  In a list of awardees announced last week, however, we were not included.

But – I did find the list of winners to be an incredible snapshot of where our country’s transportation infrastructure is headed.  Of the 72 projects that will receive funding, 15 are transit-based (receiving $156M) and 26 are focused on roads (receiving $221).  The rest are planning projects.  But, look at that balance between transit and roads.  This is the future of our country’s infrastructure – balanced!

Another notable item is that over $25M is being awarded to bike and pedestrian infrastructure.  And, guess what, Bus Rapid Transit is taking hold across the nation:

  • Central Omaha, NE:  $14.9M for BRT
  • Richmond, VA: $24.9M for BRT
  • Nevada: $16M for BRT
  • Madison, WI: $300K for BRT
  • Philadelphia, PA: $2.5M for BRT

We’re on the right track (pun intended – BRT doesn’t use tracks!) — let’s keep our infrastructure moving forward before we fall behind Central Omaha, Nebraska!

Lindsay Hoffman


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