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A TedTalk on Shifting Gears towards Bicycle- Focused Street Design

Posted on by Rebecca Hertz

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Mikael Colville-Andersen, an urban designer in Copenhagen, recently gave a Tedx Talk focused on bicycle culture in cities. For Colville-Andersen, city planners and designers need to now focus on creating complete street designs that are supportive to other means of transportation, especially bicycles. In the talk, Colville-Andersen provides a short description of how streets were designed originally for the benefit of cars and motor vehicles.  Since people are using other means of transportation more and more, our streets need to fit people’s modern lifestyles.

The best way to design streets for bicycles, Colville-Andersen says, is to focus on the human scale- people’s behaviors and patterns of how they move around cities. He brings up the idea of “desired lines, ” the actual areas, spaces, and streets that people travel most on. These lines can help define where elements such as bike lanes or cycle tracks should be placed. It is a really fascinating and perfect way to figure out how to design areas for bicyclists. We need to remind our communities why it is so important to incorporate these infrastructures into our cities and urban areas as we continue to advocate for biking infrastructure in the White Flint sector.



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