We’re Driving Less – Let’s Plan Accordingly

We’re Driving Less – Let’s Plan Accordingly

The vision of White Flint includes people being able to drive less.  While this concept might feel like a  major culture shift for Montgomery County, that’s not what data proves.  Even in our car-oriented Montgomery County, driving has leveled off, and even decreased over the last ten years.  That’s even as we’ve added 100,000 new residents!  This is, actually, a huge deal as we plan for the future.


Image from Montgomery County Planning Department’s Mobility Assessment Report

So, if people are driving less, then we’re already behind the game in creating safe ways for them to walk, bike and use transit to get around.  Luckily, we need we can look to places all over the world for ideas on how to do this.  And these aren’t just efforts aimed at drivers – everyone needs to follow the rules for safety.

Perhaps, we need a dancing traffic light to remind pedestrians to wait to cross:

Even kids recognize the importance of keeping pedestrians safe, so one came up with the idea for a lighted crosswalk that really catches drivers’ attentions:

Speaking of kids – let’s not forget that Halloween is this month, so we’ll have lots of miniature ghouls and goblins out and about.  Please be extra cautious — there are more pedestrians out there than ever!

Lindsay Hoffman


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