A Message from our Board of Directors

A Message from our Board of Directors

Thank You Friends!

A lot has happened since we posted this blog and asked you to weigh in to support the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure called for in the White Flint Sector Plan. Since then, your response has been overwhelming. Together with our friends at the Coalition for Smarter Growth and the Washington Area Bicyclists Association, you helped us send over 650 letters to the County Executive, proving what we’ve known all along, that you care deeply about your community and the vision we share for building a better and safer White Flint.

Your letters have helped shine a light on this issue, resulting in a great deal of media coverage (see links below). While no formal change has yet been made to the design of the western workaround, we feel much more confident that the ultimate solution will be in keeping with the master plan vision. Yesterday, the County Council took a step to reinforce this belief.  Councilmember Roger Berliner, who recently penned a thoughtful piece on this subject, led the charge with six of his colleagues by introducing a capital budget amendment that removes discretion when designing Old Georgetown Road and requires that it meet the sector plan standards the first time it’s built.  We remain hopeful that this issue can be resolved without legislative action but are grateful for the Councilmembers who acknowledge the importance and reach of this issue.

We also want to give special thanks to Friends of White Flint Executive Director Lindsay Hoffman who has followed this issue for the past year and is dedicated to the Friends of White Flint mission to her core. Our organization was founded by stakeholders like you in 2008 in order to make sure the White Flint Sector Plan was implemented faithfully. By highlighting the disparities between MCDOT’s design for Old Georgetown Rd. and what was called for in the master plan, Lindsay was doing exactly what we as the Board of Friends of White Flint hired her to do, and we fully support her efforts on our behalf.

Stay tuned for new updates on this issue, but until then, we want to reiterate our support for Lindsay’s work on this issue, and our gratitude for all of our members who have helped defend our common vision for a better White Flint.


Friends of White Flint Board of Directors


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  • SHA: Old Georgetown Road Needs Lanes to Handle Traffic Volume”Bethesda Magazine, 9/29/14
  •  “Supporters Keep Pushing MoCo For Pedestrian-Friendly Road Design” Bethesda Now, 9/30/14
  •  “Will Montgomery County Botch the Streets in a Model Suburban Retrofit?” Streetsblog USA, 10/1/14
  •  “Leggett Says He Also Wants More Pedestrian Friendly White Flint” Bethesda Now, 10/2/14
  • “How a Road in White Flint is like a Ski Area” Greater Greater Washington, 9/26/14
  • “White Flint is at a crossroads, and traffic engineers should follow the path the community chose” Greater Greater Washington, 10/8/14

Friends of White Flint Board of Directors


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Ed Reich

This is a great example of a community coming forward to make its voice heard. With continued vigilance and hard work, I am confident we will prevail, and have the walkable community we have strived for.

We are fortunate to have Lindsay, and Kelly Blynn at CSG, providing superb leadership for our efforts.

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