New Stop Sign on Nebel and Marinelli

New Stop Sign on Nebel and Marinelli

Early this morning, I was greeted with a surprise on Nebel Street — a stop sign at Marinelli Drive!  This intersection has come up several times at the Downtown Advisory Committee and the Implementation Advisory Committee but it had seemed like creating a three-way stop here would require much more study.  Click here for notes from a meeting in March that addressed this topic and why a stop sign here is important to the community.  Thanks to the county for moving quickly on this big safety improvement!20141023_053721
Bike infrastructure is still in the works for Nebel Street.  The county is assessing the route for a cycle track, similar to what’s being installed this very minute on Woodglen Drive.  Stay tuned for updates!

Lindsay Hoffman



Shirl Kennedy

Was happy to see this. Would be even happier to see a 4-way stop at Marinelli and Chapman. MANY people use the crosswalks at this intersection, including a lot of WMATA employees due to the proximity of their facility. Just north of this intersection is the entrance to the White Flint Metro parking garage, so things can get very busy at certain times of the day. Also…people often park/stop/idle too close to the intersection, so it can be difficult to see, particularly when crossing Marinelli on Chapman.

Jim Kirkland

Excess stop signs like these are bad for the
environment! Every stop sign means vehicles
making excess heat through braking and
accelerating, along with additional fuel
consumption and noise. This will be exacerbated
by the fact that Nebel Street has traditionally been
a commercial truck thoroughfare. I don`t think
that the new residents of nearby high-rises will
appreciate hearing heavy trucks stop and
start 24/7/365!
The convenience of our motor-vehicle society
always entails SOME risk. It is not the job of
governments to make life PERFECTLY safe for
those who fail to pay attention to their driving
or WALKING. All three children of our family
(myself included) grew to adulthood despite
living at a busy residential intersection with
school-bus routes, and now, a Ride-On route.
This intersection does NOT have all-way stops.

Jim Kirkland
Libertarian-style Republican
for County Council District 1

Alice Filemyr

I would be much happier to see a round-about at this location. Unnecessary stops are frustrating for both drivers and cyclist.

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