11th Street Bridge Park

11th Street Bridge Park

Last week, I shared photos from my recent trip to New York City and highlighted some of the infrastructure elements they’ve implemented to make pedestrians and bicyclists more safe.  I also shared photos of our stroll along the High Line, formerly an elevated train track that has been reclaimed as a public space.  Examples of this creative thinking can be found popping up all over the world – but we’ve got an exciting one coming to our region.

DC is preparing to retrofit the 11th Street Bridge into a park akin to the High Line.  A winner was recently selected after a design competition and renderings have been released.  See them by clicking here.  We’re still several (four?) years away from the park opening but this is just another exciting example of rethinking the spaces around us.

A prime example of this in White Flint is Wall Park – presently, a surface parking lot that will one day be transformed into an exciting green space.  This plan is also several years out, but we hope that Councilmember Berliner’s recent request of the Parks Department to integrate some interim solutions to better activate the space gains traction.  We certainly join him in that effort!

Lindsay Hoffman


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