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“Mini Cities” Around DC

Posted on by Rebecca Hertz

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In recent articles in The Washington Post and Greater Greater Washington, smaller cities and towns around the DC area were highlighted for their walkable and mixed-used communities that they refer to as “mini-cities.” These articles focused on the positive elements of various communities and how they continue to grow without relying on being in relatively close proximity to DC.

One of the mini cities, Frederick, Maryland, has always been a very walkable community. As more people become aware of the importance of walkable, connected communities, this will continue to be a wonderful benefit for this mini city. Another city, Alexandria, Virginia, continues to grow with more shops, restaurants, and new housing units everyday.

As we have discussed in past blog posts, millennials and baby boomers are drawn to cities because the cities offer places to live, work, and play. These mini cities are quite capable of providing these amenities, which is a definite draw.

Do these mini cities sound familiar? The White Flint sector?

The White Flint sector is clearly on its way to becoming a great, walkable, and flourishing urban area.

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