Urban Road Code PASSES!

Urban Road Code PASSES!

Dear Friends – I love going out with a bang!  First, we made great progress on the issue of Old Georgetown Road’s design and now, the County Council has ensured that county roads in our urban nodes will have stricter requirements to ensure pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Yesterday, the County Council voted unanimously to enact the amendments to our Road Code that we’ve been telling you about for nearly a year.  Under the deft leadership of Councilmembers Roger Berliner and Hans Riemer, the Council has sent a a major signal that all users of our roads – not just those in cars – are to be valued and kept safe.  Take a moment to thank them by sending an email (just click on their names) to Councilmember Berliner, Councilmember Riemer or the entire County Council.

We so appreciate their work on behalf of not just White Flint but every county resident who wants a more vibrant, walkable, safe community! Learn more about the road code changes by clicking here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Lindsay Hoffman


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