We’re not the only ones hoping for BRT

We’re not the only ones hoping for BRT

Rapid transit, or BRT, or whatever term is fashionable this week, will transform Rockville Pike and the Pike District. And we’re not the only ones who want the many benefits of rapid transit.  Queens wants it. Philadelphia is giving it a whirl. Seattle loves it. Sure, it’s difficult to picture the Pike as a grand, beautiful boulevard with sleek train-like buses zooming down the middle, but heck, most change is hard to imagine. Hopefully someday in the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to hop on rapid transit to grab dinner at North Bethesda Market restaurant before watching the latest blockbuster at Ipic at Pike and Rose, all without the aggravation of navigating traffic, searching for a parking space, or worrying about who had to be that night’s designated driver.

Amy Ginsburg


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