Office tenants prefer mixed-use centers

Office tenants prefer mixed-use centers

According to NAIOP Research Foundation report. office tenants prefer amenity-rich, mixed-use centers (also known as “live, work, play” locations) over single-use office parks by a margin of 83 percent to 17 percent. The report states that “overall, office tenants show no strong preference for either downtown or suburban locations. Yet the study reveals a clear preference for suburban vibrant centers over typical single-use suburban office environments, and demonstrates that office properties in suburban vibrant centers are outperforming those in typical single-use suburban office areas on almost all metrics.” Bodes well for the Pike District, don’t you think?

( has a good summary of the report.)

Amy Ginsburg


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Steve Thornton

Probably bodes well for the “Pike District” but not well for other parts of the area – like Executive Boulevard, which isn’t being addressed until White Flint 2 (if ever) or very well for the areas around Democracy and Rockledge.

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