Meetings Galore

Meetings Galore

One of the advantages of being part of the Friends of White Flint is that we attend meetings so you don’t have to skip out of work or miss your child’s basketball game to stay up-to-date on the many goings-on in the Pike District.  Below you’ll find summaries of both the White Flint Implementation Committee and Downtown Advisory Committee meetings

White Flint Implementation Committee

The starring role at this meeting was a comprehensive presentation by the City of Rockville detailing their tentative plans for the area of Rockville Pike from Bou Avenue north to Richard Montgomery Avenue. They are taking public comments through March 6 and are holding hearings on these plans with the optimistic goal to have an approved plan in place by November. You can view the entire plan here and read an executive summary here.

Also at the meeting, Federal Realty reported that 3,000 people attend the very successful Pike and Rose Arts Festival this past Saturday with many of the attendees taking public transportation. Finally, it was discussed that planning for White Flint II will likely begin this summer with a two-year schedule to get the plan before the Council.

Downtown Advisory Committee

Cliff Cohen reiterated support for the name “Pike District” and said they hope to hold a promotional event in the Pike District in the fall of 2015.

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation gave a detailed presentation on the County’s Capital Bikeshare program. In the County, there are three main Bikeshare corridors: 1) Bethesda/Friendship Heights, 2)Silver Spring/Takoma Park, and 3) Gaithersburg/Rockville.  In their first year of operations, people utilized Bikeshare more than 35,000 times (burning up nearly 4 million calories, by the way) and trips averaged 18 minutes. While they have not yet done a study for bringing the Capital Bikeshare project to the Pike District, there is great desire to do so. Potential future sites include East Village. Pike and Rose, North Bethesda I/II, the Gables, and the metro.  The installation cost for a 15-dock station is $55,000 with an annual operating cost of approximately $22,000.

Landscaping will be planted along the metro and around Pike and Rose in April, and the Committee’s Pike District website should be up and running soon.

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