So just who lives in the Pike District?

So just who lives in the Pike District?

Do you recognize yourself in any of these categories? According to the 2013 Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile:

27% of Pike District residents are Metro Renters

Metro Renters are highly educated and very mobile adults in their late twenties/early thirties.  They prefer to live close to their jobs and usually walk or take transit to those jobs. They like wine, organic foods, Mac computers, tablets, yoga, and skiing.

15% of Pike District residents are Golden Years

Golden Years are active seniors nearing the end of their careers or already retired. Mostly singles or empty nesters, they actively pursue a variety of leisure interests and are financially secure. They are avid readers; use professional services to minimize their chores; believe in healthy eating; and they enjoy travel, vitamins, concerts, and museums.

15% of Pike District residents are Enterprising Professionals

Well-educated and climbing the ladder of success in STEM occupations, Enterprising Professionals change jobs frequently. They’re ethnically diverse and earn 1 1/2 times the US median income, often supplementing their income with high-risk investments. They read books on tablets, take their clothes to the dry cleaners, travel for work, spend too much time and money at their local coffee shop, watch movies and television on demand, like to gamble, and hang out at the beach.

14% of Pike District residents are City Lights

With their passion for social welfare and equal opportunity, City Lights run the gamut from singles to families with children. They have completed some college and live in racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. They are price-conscious, spending their careful budgets at warehouse clubs and discount stores, and health-conscious, buying low-calorie and low-fat food. They bank in person, prefer to call than text, and purchase lottery tickets.

12% of Pike District residents are Laptops and Lattes

Laptops and Lattes are affluent, well-educated professionals. They are partial to city living and are single or living in partnered households.  Technologically savvy, they are active and healthy.  They are faithful recyclers, support the arts, invest in mutual funds, eat organic food, go to bars and clubs, and live on their tablets and phones.  When they’re not working out at the gym, they are biking, playing tennis or soccer, skiing, hiking,or practicing yoga.

10% of Pike District residents are Urban Chic

Urban Chic live a sophisticated lifestyle, and about half are married.  They have a median age of 43, eat organic food, drink imported wine, and care about their coffee. They travel extensively, drive luxury imports, and shop at upscale stores.  When they’re not tracking their healthy financial portfolios, they read books, visit museums, see movies, ski, hike, and play tennis.

7% of Pike District residents are Top Tier

Earning three times as the average household income, they like to spend money on their lavish homes and on themselves, usually at a high-end retailer. They spare no expense on their frequent vacations and fill their weekends with the opera, charity dinners, and shopping. They drive luxury cars , make charitable contributions, farm out their household chores, visit day spas, and have second homes. They’re always busy, whether they’re lunching with friends, going to book club, or visiting a local art gallery.

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