Are we keeping pace?

Are we keeping pace?

This past Saturday, hundreds of residents, government officials, and school officials discussed how to ensure that infrastructure and growth are keeping pace in Montgomery County. The purpose of the event was to inform and engage county residents about current school and transportation planning policies and procedures, and offer the opportunity for them to meet with public officials and provide feedback about their communities.

Councilmember Roger Berliner organized this one-day conference, saying “We want to make sure everybody at least has a common set of facts from which to work. We do have problems, but it’s important to make sure that everybody understands the source of them.”

Bethesda Now reported that many participants were very concerned about school overcrowding as Montgomery County’s school system grapples with recent increases of about 2,500 students a year.

Here is the  agenda for the meeting and you can read PDFs of the documents presented at the conference by scrolling to the end of this article.

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