Realigning and Constructing Main/Market Street and Executive Blvd

Realigning and Constructing Main/Market Street and Executive Blvd

Map of Western Workaround

On Thursday, March 12, the Montgomery County Planning Board will discuss the Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s (MCDOT’s) project to reconfigure a portion of the existing roadway network in the Pike District. The project includes roadway realignment and construction of new road segments for Main/Market Street and Executive Boulevard extended. This is also known as the Western Workaround.

Park and Planning is recommending that the Board approve this project with the following comments to MCDOT: 1. Consider providing separated bike lanes on the realigned segment of Executive Boulevard, 2. Provide curb extensions on Market Street to meet the requirements of the recent Urban Road Code changes and provide handicap ramps to cross all four legs of the Executive Boulevard/Market Street intersection, and 3. All handicap ramps that accommodate bicyclists on shared use paths should be widened to ten feet wide (min.).

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