Friends of White Flint

Promoting a Sustainable, Walkable and Engaging Community

P.O. Box 2761

White Flint Station

Kensington, MD 20891

Phone: 301-980-3768


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March 25

Please attend the Friends of White Flint Community Meeting on Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00 pm at Federal Realty, 1626 E. Jefferson Street, Rockville.  We look forward to seeing you, hearing your ideas, and discussing issues important to the Pike District.

On the agenda:

  • Update from property owners on what’s going on and what’s going up in the Pike District.

  • Who should be considered a member/supporter of Friends of White Flint?

  • What should we call ourselves in light of the selection of the name “Pike District” for the area covered by the White Flint Sector Plan?

  • A presentation by M-NCPPC about activating Wall Park this summer and a brainstorming session to unearth your ideas for what we can do to make Wall Park attractive and useful now.

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