Are you going tomorrow?

Are you going tomorrow?

Here’s the agenda for tomorrow’s community meeting. We very much hope you’ll be there! The meeting will be held Wednesday, March 25 at 7:00 at Federal Realty, 1626 E Jefferson St., Rockville, MD
7:00    Call to order (Amy Ginsburg)
7:05     Minutes (Amber Tedesco)
7:10    Financial Report (Amy Ginsburg)
7:15    Executive Director Report (Amy Ginsburg)
7:20    Updates from property owners on what’s going on and what’s going up in the White Flint/Pike District. (Property Owners)
7:35    What should we call ourselves in light of the selection of the name “Pike District” for the area covered by the White Flint Sector Plan? (Discussion facilitated by Amy Ginsburg)
7:50    What can we do to position the Pike District as the best option for the relocated Marriott headquarters? (Discussion facilitated by Amy Ginsburg)
8:05    Presentation by M-NCPPC on Wall Park (M-NCPPC Staff)
8:15    Brainstorming session to unearth ideas for what we can do to make Wall Park attractive and useful now (Discussion facilitated by Amy Ginsburg)
8:45    Adjourn

Amy Ginsburg


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