White Flint II

White Flint II

White Flint 2

The Montgomery County Planning Department says the plan for White Flint 2 could be ready for Council review by December 2016 with the planning process re-started this June.

The White Flint 2 Sector Plan includes 209 acres and includes a horseshoe-shaped area on either side of Rockville Pike between the White Flint area and the official boundary of the City of Rockville.

“There’s money to be made there,” Councilmember George Leventhal said during the Council’s semi-annual review of the Planning Department’s work schedule. “White Flint 2 has the nearest-term opportunity to grow our tax base significantly. I don’t think it’s especially controversial.”

Amy Ginsburg



Marjorie Geller

There needs consideration for building senior living facilities, including housing and recreational facilities. There is no active senior living quarters and there will be a need otherwise people will leave the area. Also, the recreational facilities currently available are old and dilapidated. The more affluent seniors are not going to use these places. With the baby boomers being a large segment of the population, it would behoove our wealthy county to plan for these suggestions

    Amy Ginsburg

    You’re absolutely correct in that senior housing and recreational needs must be considered as the Pike District is transformed. I’m not sure if any 55+ facilities will be part of the Pike District, but just up the street, behind Congressional Plaza, will be a wonderful new community called The Stories.

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