White Flint Mall Garage is Coming Down!!

White Flint Mall Garage is Coming Down!!

This long-awaited notice from White Flint Mall just crossed my desk  — and it is most welcome news for the Pike District/White Flint area.

“White Flint Mall will begin the demolition of three sections of the Mall parking garage (excluding those parking garage areas serving Lord & Taylor) beginning Wednesday, July 8.  The demolition is scheduled between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the garage demolition project, which is expected to last approximately three to four months.

For safety reasons, the roadways along this demolition site perimeter will be closed during the aforementioned times, but will be re-opened each evening. The roadways will remain open on Saturday and Sunday, and all observed national holidays.

During this demolition, we will follow Montgomery County Code requirements to the fullest extent, to include safety monitoring, noise ordinance, and security patrols.

We encourage on-going communications with our neighbors, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and/or concerns throughout this process.”


Amy Ginsburg



Kay Haynes

please keep White Flint Mall name!!!!

    Amy Ginsburg

    No need to worry — the White Flint name is not going away! The White Flint Mall part of the Pike District will always be called White Flint.

King Naldo

Please evict, Lord and Taylor already. What’s taking so long, after the appellate courts ruling, denied their request to remain… Smh!


Oh yeah, this is just great. How many years of construction ahead so we can have another “town center” full of overpriced restaurants and useless boutique style stores? Montgomery Mall is now badly overcrowded because . . .oh yes . . . people really hate malls. The damage has been done, but why won’t anyone just admit that this is not what most people want — it is what Lerner wanted so that he could make still more money. White Flint Mall didn’t fail. It was systematically destroyed by exorbitant rents designed to drive out tenants so that this plan could eventually unfold. I don’t have a decade (or more) to wait for this area to reassemble itself. Time to go.


Does anyone know what stores/venues will be at the newly built White-Flint mall, and when construction is expected to be totally complete?

I personally am looking forward to high-end restaurants and boutique style shops.

Russ Holt

I’m looking forward to the new White Flint area, but the mall will always fill a special place in my heart because as a kid I’d go there every weekend to look for girls and play arcades.
Are they going to sell off any of the old signs or usable items? Food court tables etc?

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